welcome to CJ's adventure

Social Media and Beyond

welcome to CJ's adventure

Social Media and Beyond


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About CJ

Snapchat Adventures

CJ first became known for her fun and engaging Snapchat adventures as well as reality-altering art. Her weekly singing segment "What's That Tune Tuesday" has greatly influenced the strategy and existence of the Snapchat weekly segment trend, as it was the first to ever gain traction.

She has worked with many large brands including Coca-Cola, FOX, Disney, and Apple. To find out how you can start a partnership with the OperAmericano brand, click here!

(NEW) YouTube Channel

CJ OperAmericano recently started a YouTube channel called CJ VS Reality! She takes her quickly-growing audience along for her first experiences and quirky mis-adventures. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with her exciting LA life!

CJ's Mission

In a world of negativity and hurt, CJ hopes to create a reliable and safe space where her viewers can go to gather encouragement and smiles. Her family-friendly content positively portrays life and focuses on optimism and the beauty of humanity. Stay tuned for a community page where YOUR kind acts and volunteer work will be featured, as well as opportunities to give back to the community!


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